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you want ipod hacks as well as laptop,cell phone, and many makeshift items this is your site ...

have a psp and want to customize it with your own background picture, or be able to play emulators without swapping  here...

mr. danny's site who helped me with some of this hacking and all of the psp hacks

need password recovery or need to crack a user or admin password or maybe an email or AIM password or passwords for files well here it is:

School have a filtering system preventing you from going on certain sites .. type this in the adress bar and click the first option then just type in a site in the bar (ex. myspace) and it opens the site if this dosnt work you can try and download firefox , if the filter is run through Internet Explorer

Want to know if there are ports blocked by your ISP open DOS-prompt (start, run) and type in    telnet 80   and hit enter. The number is the port you want to test. If you get some wired symbols in return everything is ok, if it says "timeout" or something similar, that port is blocked by your ISP

(some important ports)

20+21 - FTP (file transfer)
22 - SSH (secure remote access)
23 - telnet (remote access) and also Wingates (special kind of proxies)
25 - SMTP (send email)
53 - DNS (resolves an URL to an IP)
80 - HTTP (normal web browsing) and also a proxy
110 - POP3 (receive email)
443 - SSL (secure HTTPS connections)
1080 - Socks proxy
3128 - Squid proxy
8000 - Junkbuster proxy
8080 - a proxy

Slow downloads from Bit Torrent heres some info to help you speed it up

plannin on pullin a job.. need new fingerprints .. bada bing bada boom

new fingerprints click here

good luck