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Some new stuff

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Some new things

i havnt been here in a longgg time and well im here to help a little more .. for anyone thats stuck with school filters .. well heres another way .. first you have to understand IP's ..  you can obtain an IP by going to the start menu then selecting "Run" then typing in "CMD" an ms-dos prompt appears type in "command" hit enter then type in "ping (space) and then whatever site    ex: ping   when you hit enter you'll see these numbers  if you type that in in the address bar
you will come up with  despite the fact that its blockd (which it probably is considering its a blog) .. now the problem is navigation ... how to navigate through sites
if u go to myspace and try and log in most likely will be blocked but what u can do is add your friend ID or if u made a url  like mine is  .. it would then be  and you would get the page .. friend ID's can be obtained by right clicking the name of the person (not picture) and then properties then the number after "friendID=" well this should work for all your sites but good luck with navigation hope you can figure it out urself if u have any questions

AND im also working on a rollback (downgrader) for PSP v2.01  considering i got it for christmas and im shit outta luck b/c i was banking on the fact that id be playing emulators ...cause im not gonna go and buy games ill accept any questions about that too .. same email address

ok well even though i have a 2.01 i have some cool new things for example videos on it very basic here is a program called jMEnc it is very simple to use and can encode almost any video of almost any file type into a mpeg4 which is the only version psp uses ..once you encode your video you have to hook up your psp put it into USB mode and then open up the folder make sure the memory stick is inserted then search in mp_root for a folder called  100mnv01 place the encoded video (which if using jMEnc will be in a folder called encoded) into 100mnv01 and then boom theres your video

something else that i found pretty fuckin sweet was a mac osX portal for the psp browser. this works with 2.00+ its called X5 v1.5 the aqua blue color is and the dark orangish color is  both are good .. basically download it .. extract the files first open the folder on the pc probably titled x515aqua or something like that and find the picture with the blue (if you went with light ) or orange (dark) picture with the x in it take that jpeg and put it str8 into your photo section of the memory stick considering this dosnt work without that being your background so apply it as a wallpaper asap take the folder from the desktop and drag it into COMMON then keep that open and open up a new page displaying the psp options so you have 2 pages showing x515aqua then open one and take the folder with the white square in it and drag it into the other folder with the x515aqua so now u should have 2 folders open one that says  x5 and x515aqua  and one that has the banner and the readme.txt  etc. u can close the folder with the readme and in the remaining folder delete the original folder that was dragged but keep the X5 folder  then u can leave usb mode first apply the picture as your wallpaper then find a working internet connection and go to the internet and type this is the address bar  file:/psp/common/x5/index.html and a page should open up called x5 1.5 this is it congrats save it as a book mark the best part is you can use this when u dont have an inernet signal .. itunes and iphoto dont work .. there any many games such as hangman tic tac toe battleship etc.. however you do need a working internet connection to run safari or AIM

upset because you want this but are keeping your 1.5 to run your homebrew, emulators, well heres an answer .. emulate the firmware keep in mind that i am in no way shape or from responsible for any damage done or caused to any item

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good luck