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filtering means that all Internet traffic goes through the servers of the censor, who is scanning the content for 'bad words'. This dynamic filtering is true for most filters in schools, libraries and companies. If the site contains bad words it is blocked. The person who is offering the blocked information could prevent the censoring by "hide" the content inside of images. For the user there is almost no difference, but it is difficult for a computer program to "read" the text inside an image. Also SSL encrypted traffic (a URL starting with https://...) can't be scanned easily. You can test which keywords are blocked on your connection on there you can enter the keyword(s) you want to test an click on "send" when you get the message "You entered [your word here]" in return everything is fine, but if you get an error message you know which words are blocked.

Extended programs
    have a kick ass program that is only a trial and have a certain ammount of days to use it .. well when the computer boots up enter setup and change the date in the bios .. the computer will think its that date and the program wont expire  .. this may not work with all programs

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